See us having fun!
How about some toe-tappin' jazz...  - April 2012
The photos and video clips below show us both practicing and performing, and generally having the good-fun time we always do when playing our kind of music.
If you've seen the Survivors Swing Band perform before and have photos or videos of us playing that you're willing to share, we'd love it if you would email them to us at info@SurvivorsSB.com.
We'll post them here for all to see.  Thanks!
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Cedar Mtn. Commons, Newington, CT - April 2012Greg and Jules wail while Dave holds back for a few bars - April 2012Dave wah-wah's while Marianne lays down the beat.  Is that Jules snoozing?  No way! - April 2012Beacon Falls Concert - June 2012 (Lloyd Bashkin Photo)Jules solos at Beacon Falls concert - June 2012 (Lloyd Bashkin Photo)Die-hard fan (actually stayed till the band finished packing up!) at Beacon Falls gig - June 2012 (Lloyd Bashkin Photo)Bill and Sandra jammin' around - April 2012Besides playing, Jules smiles a lot (says it keep him young!).  At Hartford Public Libarary - January 2013 (Ray Gawlak Photo)Lauren pumps out the low notes while Sandra works the ivories - April 2012Jammin' at Cedar Mtn Commons, Newington - April 2012Jammin' on a Dixieland tune at Beacon Falls Concert - June 2012 (Lloyd Bashkin Photo)Rapt attention of our toe-tapping audience at Cedar Mtn Commons, Newington - April 2012Dixieland finale at Cedar Mtn Commons, Newington - April 2012Entertaining the bookworms at the Hartford Public Library - January 2013  (Ray Gawlak Photo)